Kevin Chambers - Reaching for the Stars  

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Wow what a great night last night for Kevin’s Trivia & Pasta night. We would like to thank the Elks along with the volunteers for doing a great job. We also would like to thank everyone who donated raffle items. Most importantly we would like to thank all of you who came out to support Kevin.

We crowned new champs last night who won by one point. Congrats to them. Yes next year your table will get booed lol. We hope everyone had fun playing and enjoyed their night.

Because of your generosity Kevin continues to be able to go to Journey Forward which will allow him to stay as healthy as possible.

Once again thank you all so very much and we hope to see you all back next year.

The Chambers Family & Team Kevin

Another great day and another awesome turnout for Kevin’s tournament. We would like to thank all the Sponsors, Golfers, raffle item donators & volunteers to once again make this such a successful tournament. Kevin has had a tough go of it this past year but is getting close to full recovery from his surgery.

Journey Forward has been the main reason Kevin has gone 10 years without any major complication to his skin or muscles. He is looking forward to getting back to his twice a week exercise program. Because of all of you we were able to raise enough money to cover another year of Journey Forward.

Thank you all for your kindness and loyalty to Kevin and the Chambers family. I know Kevin, the Chambers family and Team Kevin are already looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

See you all next August!

Kevin's Surgery Update!

Kevin is home and on his way to recovery, had to get the correct antibiotics and it will be a long 6-8 weeks for him, he has to lay flat on his back for most of the time.  Thank you for all the well wishes we appreciate them very much. 

Kevin's Surgery Update!

Kevin had surgery yesterday In Boston to hopefully end what has become the worse 6 months since he was injured. He will have a difficult recovery period and sadly will miss the golf tournament and it will be awhile before he gets back to Journey Forward. However because of Journey Forward he is far better off than if he had not been doing the therapy all this time. Keep him in your thoughts please.

Updates to follow

Just wanted to give an update on Kevin.  For those who aren't aware Kevin
has been dealing with a stage 4 wound that landed him in the hospital for 10
days.  He's home now but the majority of time he has to spend in bed.  This
is something that quads have to deal with and luckily this is the first time
he has had to deal with this.  The Dr and nurses contribute this to the care
at home and being able to exercise all these years at Journey Forward.

Unfortunately it looks like the wound will need a procedure called flap
surgery.   At the moment he has been having a lot of spasms which need to be
stabilized first.  Surgery could be anywhere from a month from now to 3
months from now depending on the spasms.

When the surgery is performed Kevin will need to stay in a special bed on
his back for 6 weeks.  I'm sure for him it will feel like 6 months.

We just wanted to give everyone an update and will continue to do so when
things change.  Thanks again for all your support of Kevin.

Implanted Spinal Stimulation Device Restores Paralyzed Man's "Step-Like" Motions

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Kevin had been in the hospital the last week with pneumonia and partially collapsed lung.  He has improved and is now home.  While he was there the one thing that had been said by the doctors and nurses is that they couldn't believe  this was his first time getting pneumonia.  With his type of injury pneumonia is usually a constant problem. The doctors contribute his lack of pneumonia to very good home care as well as Kevin working hard at physical therapy two times a week at Journey Forward.

Therapy and exercise are very important in keeping his lungs clear.  Hearing this we again want to thank all of you who have supported Kevin in one way or another since his injury.  You are the ones that have made it possible for Kevin to go and continue to go to Journey Forward so he can continue to have overall good health.

Thank you all again

The Chambers and Team Kevin

The video below shows you a couple things.  First and most importantly you see why we have this tournament.  It's important for Kevin to continue his rehab so when a cure is found  his body will be ready for it.  Secondly you see why the cost for rehab is so great.  Just to have Kevin on this machine takes up the time of many of the PT's working at Journey Forward.

The proceeds from the Golf Tournament all go into keeping Kevin's body healthy.   The Chambers Family and Team Kevin thank all of you once again for taking the time out of your busy schedule.

Video's of Kevin at Journey Forward 
First video was shown at Golf Tournament

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